Joe Pegler, MSc Computing Science


Joe Pegler, FSI (FM Solutions) Ltd, 2016

After completing an HDip in Comp Sci I debated whether to start looking for work immediately or to do the MSc. Having asked a number of students who did the MSc a year before me, my decision was made, and I began a tough but very rewarding year with a mix of BSc and HDip graduates. The generic MSc in Comp Sci best applied to me because I wanted a more general course that kept options open. As an HDip graduate, I was worried that I would be behind the other BSc graduates in the class, but I soon found that I could keep my own with some excellent lecturers and a little elbow grease. There was a happy mix of current/relevant technologies, and a good foundation of core computing principles on offer. The reason I have no hesitation in recommending the course were the frequent opportunities to be creative and innovative, both personally and as part of a team (a valuable lesson if you ever want to work in software development). The projects were always designed to keep things interesting, and I created a number fun apps that had a hand in eventually helping me to find a good job in the tech hub of London. The standout project for me was creating a mobile gyroscope application, whose movement controlled that of a robot. In a group of three each with different responsibilities, the sense of achievement we felt after our successful demonstration helped to cement in my mind the sort of career I would seek.

Joe Pegler, MSc Computing Science, 2015; FSI, (FM Solutions) Ltd, 2016

David Walsh, MSc Data Science & Analytics



David Walsh, Data Scientist at Betfair, Dublin 2016

I first became interested in data analytics during my degree in Financial Mathematics where I already had a good background in statistics. The idea of being able to link data from different sources and find relationships between elements in the data is not only interesting, it is also extremely valuable. The career opportunities available to a good analyst are vast with a huge amount of really interesting work being done by various companies in different fields.

Having completed my degree in UCC, I knew it would be a great place to do my masters. The Western Gateway Building which holds almost all of the lectures is an impressive modern campus with plenty of high spec computers and all the software you will require.

The course itself had some very interesting modules. In particular data mining and python were probably my favourite. Both were heavily project based which allowed you to apply the techniques you learned. In the data mining module we did a project which used various methods to predict which passengers survived on the titanic and analysed how accurate the different methods were.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in data analytics. The modules are geared to providing you with the perfect skill set for the vast amount of data science & analyst positions out there.

David Walsh, MSc Data Science & Analytics, 2015; Betfair – Dublin, 2016

Raul Blay Gil, MSc Data Science & Analytics


Raul Gil

Raul Blay Gil, MSc Data Science & Analytics 2015; Permanent TSB Dublin 2016

I decided to study a Masters in Data Science and Analytics at UCC because Data Science and Analytics is a new and very rapidly growing field with a high demand for specialists.

The Masters combines aspects of Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Business Intelligence that matches all the requirements by the industry. My experience at UCC could not be more positive as I really enjoyed the one year program that provided me a great combination of knowledge, skills and experience to succeed in the industry. During the Masters, I learned numerous techniques in Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Mining, and also got a high experience/skills in Python, R, SAS, SQL and so on. UCC is one of the best Universities in Ireland and is the only one that provides a Masters program in Data Analytics. Furthermore, the lecturers are extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled and motivated and also very supportive. Cork itself is also a lovely and fun city which is full of life, with very welcoming and easy-going people who make you feel like home.

Another important fact is that there is a shortage of professionals in this field in Ireland and the work opportunities are huge. The content of the program, the lecturers and the uniqueness of this Masters in Ireland together with the great job prospects that this course in Data Science and Analytics gives has made this year the best learning experience I ever had and I fully recommend this Masters to everyone. I now work in Data Analysis at a major bank in Dublin.

Raul Blay Gil, MSc Data Science & Analytics, 2015;

Permanent TSB, Dublin 2016

Aideen Sinnott, HDip Applied Computing Science



Aideen Sinnott, Ignite Business Innovation Programme, UCC 2016

From various roles within the business function of an IT company I knew that I really enjoyed working with both technical teams as well as technical customers.  I had strong general business acumen but wanted a more in depth understanding of technology and trends.  Because I enjoyed the area so much I decided to do the Higher Diploma in Computing Technology to upgrade my skills at this stage of my career.

Attending the same lectures as Computer Science students at UCC was excellent.  Not only was our learning on a par with the Computer Science class but we had the opportunity to be taught by exceptional lecturers.  We got a really good grounding in Computer Science.  Initially, I had intended to engage in further study to specialise even more before returning to employment.  Guidance from a particularly inspirational professor led me to pursue my own business project that I am currently working on and am now with the Ignite Business Innovation Programme here in UCC.

Besides really enjoying the learning for the year, the Higher Diploma has given me more understanding, this helps me think creatively about technical solutions to business problems. This will no-doubt help me continue with an exciting and “cutting-edge” career, allow me to work more closely with technical teams and specialise when I need to.

Aideen Sinnott, HDip Applied Computing Science, 2014