Kirsty Hilliard, HDip Applied Computing Technology

Kirsty Hilliard

Kirsty Hilliard, Lidl, 2016

My initial qualification was a degree in Archaeology from UCC. I graduated into the beginning of the economic downturn in 2008 only to find that the Archaeological industry had collapsed alongside the construction industry. I subsequently found a management level position in retail and worked for several big names over the next few years. There was a lot of competition for higher level management jobs and I moved to the UK in the hopes of getting more experience over there. My partner was offered a great opportunity back here in Ireland so we came home again and I found it very difficult to re-enter the workforce, even at entry level positions, as there were so many people desperate for work for after years of recession.

There seemed to be a lot of articles and reports on the news that IT based industries had more vacancies than they had qualified people applying for them so I looked at ways of breaking into that sector. I started a Java programming course and soon after discovered the UCC H-Dip program that was starting in September. I told one of my friends about it at the course to see if she would be interested and we both applied and got in.

What had interested me in the UCC H-Dip was the range of different topics that it covered, there were many areas one could branch out from, rather than being cornered into one specialisation right from the start. We learned basic scripts and commands for OS administration and Networks, programming in several languages, which helps not only your CV but improve ones ownn logical reasoning skills. We also covered modules in Databases and Excel which are multi-industry essentials these days.

Aside from the study, the people I met during my year were one of the best parts. The Lecturers were very understanding and always willing to answer questions or explain something again, you could really tell that they wanted us to do well. I always found them to be very encouraging about getting into the industry and they pointed out practices that would be helpful out in the ‘real-world’ whenever we came across one. I consider myself extremely lucky in the classmates that I had. There was always a great atmosphere in the Lab and we worked well together making sure no-one was struggling on anything. I think it helped that we were all relatively mature, having ‘done’ college already and worked for a few years, not to mention that we all came in with the same goal of getting into IT so we were all serious about doing well.

After an intense year, just before my exams I was offered a place on the Graduate program for Lidl in the IT stream which was a huge weight off my shoulders and an affirmation of sorts for taking on the course in the first place. Currently I am almost finished my 18 month program, focusing mostly in the Service and Support division of the IT department and I sometimes surprise myself at what I know and can do as a result of the H-Dip. I work with a lot of specialists and it is very handy for me to have the range of knowledge I do when troubleshooting a problem as I can see things from multiple directions not just one.

I’m finishing up a couple of projects at the moment, ready for my big presentation with the Board in March. The overall theme is the new challenge we face in changing how our employees work on a daily basis, culminating in our move to our new HQ in Dublin in April. We are moving towards offering full mobility to our staff so there are plenty of new devices and software being introduced to our environment on a regular basis.  My focus is regulating the new user experience and minimizing potential issues with new technologies that may require Support from my team. I’m responsible for all user end devices in the company and as such I am usually the first port of call for any issues that arise with these, I’m also responsible with inducting all our proprietary Software systems, which is a lot! The overall success of my project depends on good knowledge of a wide range of subjects (Networks, System Administration and Databases are the main ones), which I believe I have as a result of this course!

Kirsty Hilliard, HDip Applied Computing Technology, 2014


Aideen Sinnott, HDip Applied Computing Science



Aideen Sinnott, Ignite Business Innovation Programme, UCC 2016

From various roles within the business function of an IT company I knew that I really enjoyed working with both technical teams as well as technical customers.  I had strong general business acumen but wanted a more in depth understanding of technology and trends.  Because I enjoyed the area so much I decided to do the Higher Diploma in Computing Technology to upgrade my skills at this stage of my career.

Attending the same lectures as Computer Science students at UCC was excellent.  Not only was our learning on a par with the Computer Science class but we had the opportunity to be taught by exceptional lecturers.  We got a really good grounding in Computer Science.  Initially, I had intended to engage in further study to specialise even more before returning to employment.  Guidance from a particularly inspirational professor led me to pursue my own business project that I am currently working on and am now with the Ignite Business Innovation Programme here in UCC.

Besides really enjoying the learning for the year, the Higher Diploma has given me more understanding, this helps me think creatively about technical solutions to business problems. This will no-doubt help me continue with an exciting and “cutting-edge” career, allow me to work more closely with technical teams and specialise when I need to.

Aideen Sinnott, HDip Applied Computing Science, 2014