Joe Pegler, MSc Computing Science


Joe Pegler, FSI (FM Solutions) Ltd, 2016

After completing an HDip in Comp Sci I debated whether to start looking for work immediately or to do the MSc. Having asked a number of students who did the MSc a year before me, my decision was made, and I began a tough but very rewarding year with a mix of BSc and HDip graduates. The generic MSc in Comp Sci best applied to me because I wanted a more general course that kept options open. As an HDip graduate, I was worried that I would be behind the other BSc graduates in the class, but I soon found that I could keep my own with some excellent lecturers and a little elbow grease. There was a happy mix of current/relevant technologies, and a good foundation of core computing principles on offer. The reason I have no hesitation in recommending the course were the frequent opportunities to be creative and innovative, both personally and as part of a team (a valuable lesson if you ever want to work in software development). The projects were always designed to keep things interesting, and I created a number fun apps that had a hand in eventually helping me to find a good job in the tech hub of London. The standout project for me was creating a mobile gyroscope application, whose movement controlled that of a robot. In a group of three each with different responsibilities, the sense of achievement we felt after our successful demonstration helped to cement in my mind the sort of career I would seek.

Joe Pegler, MSc Computing Science, 2015; FSI, (FM Solutions) Ltd, 2016

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