Miao Yichong, MSc Computing Science


Miao Yichong, MSc Computing Science 2015

My time at UCC has flown; the postgraduate study is already finished. I still remember the department meeting on the first day, which was hosted by the Dr Marc van Dongen. He gave us a very wonderful and detailed introduction of the following year’s core curriculum. I was shocked when I heard the courses’ arrangements and tasks. The course content is so difficult for me. I was worried at the term start, but the reliable lecturers eased me of my burden quickly. If we had any difficulty in study or daily life, they would always help us patiently.

Ireland is the birthplace of writers including Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett, and home of Murphy beer. UCC is located in Cork, on the southwest coast of Ireland. I love this city and university very much. The main campus gives me a sense of Harry Potter. However, most of MSc Computing Science courses took place in the Western Gateway Building. WGB is one of the most modern buildings in the campus.

About the course chosen: there are various kinds of courses in the computing area. I can assure you that you could always find the courses which are suitable for you.

Finally, I want to say thanks to all lecturers who ever helped me, including my supervisor Dr Simon Foley, Professor Gregory Provan, Dr Sabin Tabirca, etc.

In the end, I intend to hold out a promise that it will be your best choice to pursue postgraduate studies in MSc Computer Science at UCC.

Miao Yichong, MSc Computing Science 2015

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